Schriftzug des MZW, welcher für das Fast-50-Jahr-Fest 2004 kreiert wurde.

For our English speaking guests

2003: on the roof of our presbytery

The "Musikzug Wolfersberg" (brass band - Wolfersberg) is the only band with ceremonial trumpets plus drums in a catholic parish church in the whole of Austria. The parish lies in the 14th district of Vienna to the west of the city overlooking part of the Vienna Woods.
It consists of about 20 to 30 young members between about 16 to 32 years old. It was founded in 1960 by Emmerich Klener, the curate, Mr. Herbert Edlinger, and Mr. Peter Hoefler. In those early years this musical community was a small group of young people who learned pieces of music by ear from the boy scouts of Breitensee, a neighbouring parish. Since then the pieces of music (up to ten) have been passed on in aural tradition only. The older boys and girls left the band after sometime, but young persons continued to take their place. Some of the pieces we play changed over time; we know very little about the originals.
We now have a tradition over fifty years old, a tradition we continue with joy and cheerfulness. We meet once a week for a training session, after which we stay together to play table football, have a beer or two and some snacks and to chat. Once a year we meet at the castle Wildegg near Vienna to discuss new acquisitions and ways to improve, and sometimes plan a weekend trip together to a neighbouring countries (Sopron, Budweis) or somewhere in Austria (Salzburg, Kärnten). All these activities help us to develop a strong community.

table football and  people of the MZW

We are performing at all kinds of feasts in our parish - for first communion, confirmation, Corpus Christi, Christmas, weddings and many others.
We very much enjoy these activities and find them to be most profitable for us, and hopefully for our audience as well.

1990: feast of Corpus Christi

Rochus Hetzendorfer
Wolfgang Powischer
Josph Bolin